Laboratory Equipment

Unique design and development of modular furniture lines that provides a high level of flexibility enabling units to be easily modified, resulting in quality and functionality.

The appearance of the laboratory is influenced by the various hues one can obtain according to requirements of the architect, personal requirements or with assistance from our technical department.

PV Lab furniture system design incorporates lab employees and their needs in different labs: chemical, biological, analytical, nuclear technology and research.

We place great importance on the design of our furniture. That is why we developed sketching software that enables the client to view and take part in designing the lab and adapting it to its unique requirements and restrictions. 35 years’ experience allows us to provide you with a uniquely designed aesthetic lab with the following diverse furnishings:

  • Wide array of work surfaces
  • Plumbing lines
  • Different lab taps
  • Sinks
  • Drainage cups
  • Safety accessories
  • Connection to water, gas and drain infrastructure
  • Drying boards
  • Electricity and communication ducts
  • Electricity and communication sockets
  • Electricity and infrastructure connections

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