PV Plast manufactures a large range of hoods at a unique safety standard and high technical capabilities. The hoods are adapted to different operational purposes and are an integral part of laboratory furnishings. Our hoods have been approved for European standard EN 14175 (sections 1, 2, 3) and American standard ASHRAE 110. The hoods were awarded these certificates following strict testing by Invent UK Co. They also underwent testing for Israeli Standard 1839 and have successfully fulfilled its requirements.

Attachments for hoods:

  • Various types of work surfaces
  • Electrical or manual lifting window
  • Various valves
  • A range of drainage cups and sinks
  • Plumbing connections
  • Various electricity
  • Electric control panel
  • Audio-visual warning
  • Visual warning
  • Suction ducts
  • Suction bellows

Contact us

PV Plast – Engineering Projects Ltd.
Hayotzrim Street 22, Karmiel,
POB 1157, Zip code 21611
Tel. 04-9988877
Fax. 04-9981161
Email: info@pvplast.co.il

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