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Company Profile (since 1974)

PV Plast Ltd. – 35 years of reputation and excellence in design, planning, development and manufacture of a range of products for the high-tech industry, chemical industry, institutions of higher education and research institutes. We provide inclusive solutions for our clients' needs with emphasis on meticulous finish and proven reliability.


The modern and sophisticated PV Plast plant includes a plastic production department (PVC, PPE, PVDF, GPR), metalwork cutting and milling, metal processing and assembly of different furniture frames, carpentry department, electricity, control and electronics department and plumbing and piping works department. The different departments cover a wide range of specializations ensuring swift, professional, reliable and flexible response.


The high quality of our products is due to the extensive experience we have accumulated, advanced technologies at the disposal of our technical and production departments, exclusive information agreements acquired from overseas companies and above all our seasoned, skilled, dedicated and efficient staff. Since its launch and until now, PV Plast is well prepared to fulfill its clients' requirements in the following fields:

Fields of activity

PV Plast manufactures a large range of evaporators at a unique safety standard and high technical capabilities. The evaporators are adapted to different operational purposes and are an integral part of laboratory furnishings. Our evaporators have been approved for European standard EN 14175 (sections 1, 2, 3) and American standard ASHRAE 110. The evaporators were awarded these certificates following strict testing by Invent UK Co. They also underwent testing for Israeli Standard 1839 and have successfully fulfilled its requirements.

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Unique design and development of modular furniture lines that provides a high level of flexibility enabling units to be easily modified, resulting in quality and functionality.

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PV Plast is the only plant in Israel to develop production power for chemical workstations for wet processes – stations that successfully compete with the leading manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

The stations uphold severe requirements relating to quality, operator's safety and use of finishing materials that withstand various chemicals taking into consideration all the requirements deriving from special working conditions in clear rooms (class 10). The stations are made of white low flammability polypropylene (PPS) and may be integrated with various types of equipment based on process requirements.

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PV Plast deals, among other things, with design and manufacture of the following coating lines

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PV Plast Co., among other things, deals in design and production of chemical storage tanks, separation tanks and process tubs of up to 50m3 capacity.

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PV Plast manufactures gas rinsing towers based on an information agreement with an American company, 1,000-60,000 capacity made of PVC or polypropylene.

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PV Plast designs and manufactures bellows, ventilation ducts and piping that serve its large variety of products (evaporators, coating lines, workstations for clean rooms etc.). The bellows are made of PVC and polypropylene for capacity of 60,000 ÷ 100.

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PV Plast Co. manufactures ventilated cabinets used for storing chemicals, silicone-quartz slabs and clean equipment.

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A range of products made of engineered plastic (PVC, PPS, PP, PVDF, PTFE).

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PV Plast – Engineering Projects Ltd.
Hayotzrim Street 22, Karmiel,
POB 1157, Zip code 21611
Tel. 04-9988877
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Email: pvplast@bezeqint.net

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